Monday, April 26, 2010

Lane Hagood: Old Book Smell

Opening Saturday, May 8, 8-10pm

through Saturday, June 19

Above image: Diseased Writer

from Lane:
“Old Book Smell” is a show of a group of drawings that reflect my interest in the lives of thinkers and books. Philosophers, poets, writers, artists and bohemian wanderers are what obsess me. I tend to romanticize these people and spend most of my free time sifting through bookstores looking for books chronicling the lives of these restless souls. The book as an object is something that I think of all the time. I love holding a book in my hands and digging my nose deep into its contours attempting to escape into a world that once was. To me a book is like a mask. It conceals the world and all of the monotony that everyday life brings. A book takes me away into another world where I dwell with my idols and listen to the wisdom of my heroes.

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