Thursday, July 7, 2011

BOBBY: A STUDY OF THE FIGURE, curated by Hagit Barkai and Aisen Caro Chacin

BOBBY: A STUDY OF THE FIGURE and panel discussion of related topics
Curated by Hagit Barkai and Aisen Caro Chacin

Opening Thursday, July 14 from 6pm to 9pm
On view through August 12, 2011

Above: Bobby Younce with a painting of Bobby Younce by Kevin Richert.

For over a dozen years, Bobby Younce has been working as a nude model for art classes throughout the city of Houston. His image, through drawings, paintings and sculptures, is approaching a quiet iconic state for many artists all over the city. This abundance of Bobby is the starting point for this project. Apart from being moved by the phenomenon and wanting to give it visibility in the form of an exhibition, we see it as an opportunity for an open conversation about approaches and attitudes to studies of the figure in contemporary art practices.

The exhibition will present a retrospective of Bobby's involvement in educational art practices in Houston. We will fill the gallery space with artworks and studies of Bobby that were executed over the past decade in different art centers in Houston. Since we seek showing the abundance of these works, there will be no discriminative selection process. Due to the abundance of work and lack of space, some of the pieces will be displayed on the walls and others will be presented on tables allowing viewers to flip through them. There is also the possibility of having a panel discussion with local art professionals that deal with related concepts; from artistic examinations to the history of art, social issues of the working model, and to contemporary accounts of technique, figuration, the visibility of the body, and performance.

To participate:
Bring Bobby works to Art League Houston in the Live Figure Labs: Thursday, Saturday or Sunday 1-4, or contact Bobby Younce or Hagit Barkai on FB. A contract will be provided. You may donate or sell your work. 30% of sale goes to Gallery 1724, 20% to Bobby Younce. Art not picked up will become property of Bobby.

Questions and contacts for info:
Hagit: 717-503-2640
Aisen: 713-444-5139
Bobby: 713-213-4797

Gallery 1724
1724 Bissonnet St. (between Woodhead and Dunlavy)
Houston, Texas 77005

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